「ポケモン原宿竹下通り HAPPY WINTER 23/24」店舗タイアップが決定!



原宿竹下通りで開催される『ポケモン原宿竹下通り HAPPY WINTER 23/24』にて
マリオンクレープ 原宿竹下通り店のタイアップが決定!


① 期間中にクレープをご購入いただくと、ポケモンのデザイン(全6種)の巻紙でご提供!

チェックポイントとしてマリオンクレープ 原宿竹下通り店が参加!

>>「ポケモン原宿竹下通り HAPPY WINTER 23/24」 特設ページ


Upcoming event!🚨
“Pokémon Harajuku Takeshita Street HAPPY WINTER 23/24”
featuring Marion Crepes!

At Harajuku Takeshita Street, “Pokémon Harajuku Takeshita Street HAPPY WINTER 23/24” will be held featuring Marion Crepes Harajuku Takeshita Street store!

2023/12/16(Sat) – 2024/1/9(Tue)

① Crepes will be served with a Pokémon design wrapping paper (6 kinds)!
*Designs are random and cannot be selected.
*Designs are random, so if purchase more than one crepe, same design may appear.
*Cannot offer only the wrapping paper itself. It will be wrapped.
*Quantity will be limited. It may end even during the period. Please understand in advance.

② Digital stamp rally will be held!
Marion Crepe Harajuku Takeshita Street store will participate as a checkpoint!
Get the stamps of Pokémon hidden in Harajuku Takeshita Street through app and win a prize!

For details, please check the special event page or the in-store POP.
>”Pokémon Harajuku Takeshita Street HAPPY WINTER 23/24″ special event page
*The images are for illustrative purposes only.
*The event may be changed or canceled without notice. Please understand in advance.
*Information may be updated at any time, so please check the latest information sent from the official account.