Patissirie from Harajuku sincn 1976
Corporate Guidance 2016

Marion’s Mission Statement

Marion’s mission is to establish a‘ food’ culture that rises above the moment to create lasting value.

French-style crepes were reimagined as Japanese-style crepes 40 years ago at a time when crepes were an unknown dessert in Japan.
Japanese-style crepes have been a big part of Harajuku culture since then.

Marion challenges itself to establish a new food culture.
Marion blows a new wind towards Japanese food culture, taking inspiration from the rest of the World.

Marion continues to evolve to meet customers expectations.


Marion Crepes has lovingly evolved over three generations from grandmother, to mother to daughter…
Marion has re-imagined French?style crepes into Japanese-style crepes around 40 year ago.

Marion Crepes started their crepe revolution in 1976 as one of the only crepe shops in Harajuku.

We are the original Japanese-style crepe and have become the most famous crepe shop in Japan with over 80 locations nationwide serving our delicious delicacies.

Marion Crepes is filled with yummy ingredients like Chantilly cream, chocolate and ice cream. Japanese youth love to walk around Harajuku with a crepe in hand while shopping.

KAWAii Culture

Harajuku is the heart of KAWAii (uber-cute) Japanese Culture, a place well known as a global trend-setter.
Harajuku is a major fashion and shopping district in Tokyo and is famous for its street fashion on Takeshita Dori. Marion Crepe has been located on Takeshita Dori since the 1970’s and became a part of the Harajuku culture as UBER-CUTE girls stood behind our counters taking, making and serving our Marion Crepes customer orders.

Many foreign visitors come to Harajuku and fall in love with our Japanese-style crepes.
Marion Crepe is famous as the “HARAJUKU CREPE” and is even featured in publications as a product for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Popular Crepes

Marion Crepes uses carefully selected highest quality ingredients offering a wide assortment of crepe delicacies. Marion Crepe serves up fresh and crispy crepe, hot off the griddle, ready to be filled with your heart’s desire of delicious ingredients to satisfy your ‘sweet tooth’, or, desire for a more healthy filling treat. Marion Crepes’ assortment of fillings include our traditional secret recipe of Chantilly Cream and an array of other fillings like ice cream, yogurt, fresh fruits, nuts and veggies.
1. Secret Original Dough
Marion’s crepe is an unforgettable experience in tastes and textures that are deliciously soft yet warm and crispy. No other crepe shop can recreate this original taste with our more than 10 blending of secret ingredients.
2. Exquisite Flavour
The secret recipe includes some French spices which add special flavours to its crepes. Customers enjoy and savour these subtle tastes in our crepe, it’s like a fine wine tasting experience.
3. Heartfelt, Freshly Made Crepes
Marion’s skillful crepe preparation is artistic. Crepe makers combine finesse and timing to serve the best crepe to their customers. Come enjoy the art of our crepe creations.
4. Wide Selection of Fillings
Marion gives customers complete freedom to select ingredients to create their desired unique treat. Our array of ingredients amount to 70 plus filling combos and we regularly introduce more enticing specialty fillings to keep our customers coming back time and time again.


“Breaths a ‘Divine Wind Of Change’ into a new Culture of Japanese Cuisine Tastes”

Translate from‘Fast Food’ to ‘Gourmet Food’

Marion believes in eating well and that crepes are not fast food or a street snacks, but a discerning, energy filled healthy treat.

Serve not only ‘delicious delicacies’, serve also in the‘spirit of providing an extraordinary and friendly experience ’.

Marion believes there is no instruction manual by which to service customers. Our staff treats every customer as our most valued customer.

Entertain customers with ‘performance’ and ‘taste’

Customers enjoy watching our skilled chefs prepare crepes in a host of unique and exciting flavours.

Company Profile

Company History

1976Separated from Rabelais Ltd. (Rabelais Co., Ltd.) Opened our first shop.
1977Moved to Harajuku and opened Marion Crepe.
1981Opened Shibuya Croissant Times-Shibuya Branch.
1982Affiliated with Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd. And developed our original(vanilla flavor) crepe flour mix (in house)
1983Opened the first franchise branch in Bandai, Niigata Prefecture
1990Opened the first corporate managed international location in Wisma, Singapore, under joint management with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
1999Opened the first fast food shop “O-Marion” at Aurora Mall in Higashi Totsuka.
2004Opened “Pascal Caffet” at Takashimaya, Nihobashi, obtained license from “Pascal Caffet” (“Pascal Caffet” is a World-Champion and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, French pastry confectioner and chocolate maker) Participated in Valentine’s Day special events at Isetan, Seibu Department Store, Sogo, Tokyo, (an equivalent to Bergdorf Goodman or Bloomingdale Department Stores.
2008Started a pilot open cafe at Moa 4th Street, Shinjuku, Tokyo with Shinjuku Ward and Shinjuku Shopping Street Promotion Union; And participated in Shirokiya Department Store event at the Ala Moana Shopping Center inHonolulu, Hawaii.
2010Participated in U.S. based Mitsuwa Department store events.
2012Opened a permanent outdoor care at Moa 4th Street, Shinjuku as the first case of Urban Regeneration SpecialMeasures Law.
Opened a franchise branch in Shanghai, China.
2014Developed a frozen crepe shell dough and rolled this product out to Joyful Co., Ltd. which is the largest family restaurant chain in Japan, over 800 locations.
2015Created a new brand restaurant “Club Marion” in Akihabara District (Japan’s technology & Electronics center) of Yodobashi, Tokyo.


  • Tokyo Dome Corporation
  • Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari Co., Ltd.
  • Aeon Retail Co., Ltd.
  • Nihon Dempato Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Tower)
  • Mall & SC Development Inc.
  • Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development, Inc.
  • Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.
  • Yodobashi Tatemono Co., Ltd.
  • Tobu Town Solamachi Co., Ltd.
  • Seibu Properties Inc.
  • Shinjuku Shopping Street Promotion Union
  • Taito Corporation
  • Marui Group Co., Lt.
  • Tobu Railway co., Ltd.
  • Meiji Fresh Network Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
  • Coca-Cola East Japan Co., Ltd.
  • The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Japan Finance Corporation


Company Profile

Company Name
HQ Address

Affiliated Company
HQ Address
Marion, Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Mr Akira Hirata
Sanpo Sogo Building, 6-5-6, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
October, 1976
50,916,000 JPN

Marion Service System, Co., Ltd.
Sanpo Sogo Building, 6-5-6, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
October, 2014

Shop List

  • ■ Hokkaido
    • Sapporo Tanuki Koji
    • Hakodate Red Brick Ware house
  • ■ Miyagi
    • Miyagi Zao Eboshi Ski Resort(Seasonal Shop)
  • ■ Niigata
    • Niigata Kotsu Bandai City
    • Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort (Seasonal Shop)
    • Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort Cheers (Seasonal Shop)
    • Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort Kawabanka (Seasonal Shop)
    • Joetsu International Ski Resort (Seasonal Shop)
  • ■ Ibaraki
    • Hitachinaka Fashion Cruise
  • ■ Tochigi
    • Ustunomiya Bell Mall
    • Hunter Mountain Shiobara Ski Resort(Seasonal Shop)
    • Mount Jeans Nasu Ski Resort(Seasonal Shop)
    • Edelweiss Ski Resort (Seasonal Shop)
    • Nikko
  • ■ Saitama
    • Kumagaya Nitto Mall
    • Kotesashi Station
    • Kawaguchi Rachelli
    • Koshigaya Lake Town Outret
    • Foleo Shobu
    • Soyoka Fujimino
    • Jibasan Center Kurisuke
    • Nagatoro Kurisuke
    • Itoyokado Misato
    • Sengendai
  • ■ Chiba
    • Mona Shinurayasu
    • Hakodate Red Brick
    • Kashiwa Marui
    • Konan Ichikawa
    • Soga Rachelli
    • Kisarazu Station
    • Itoyokado Makuhari
    • Ooedo Onsen Urayasu Mangekyo
  • ■ Kanagawa
    • Mizonokuchi NOCTY
    • Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
    • Kamakura hase street
    • Hiratsuka OSC Shonan City
    • Ebina Bina Walk
    • Toressa Yokohama
    • Oiso Long Beach Pool1 (Seasonal Shop)
    • Oiso Long Beach Pool2 (Seasonal Shop)
  • ■ Tokyo
    • Harajuku Takeshita Street
    • Kichijyoji Marui
    • Tokyo Dome Nakauri
    • Tokyo Dome City Attraction
    • Tokyo Tower
    • Asakusa Hanayashiki
    • Shinjuku 27cafe
    • Shinjuku Caveau 123
    • Tokyo Soramachi Sky tree town
    • Green Walk Tama
    • Tokyo Summer Land Pool1(Seasonal Shop)
    • Tokyo Summer Land Pool2 (Seasonal Shop)
    • Toshimaen 1 (Seasonal Shop)
    • Toshimaen 2 (Seasonal Shop)
    • Toshimaen 3 (Seasonal Shop)
    • Yomiuri Land Pool (Seasonal Shop)
    • Yomiuri Land Amusement Park
    • Odaiba Oedo Onsen
    • Ooedo Onsen Ueno Ameyoko
    • Yodobashi Akihabara Club Marion
    • OoiRacecourse
  • ■ Aichi
    • Cainz Home Nagoya Minato
    • Heiwado Viva Mall Nagoya Minami
  • ■ Shizuoka
    • Mark Is Shizuoka Resort
    • Toi Marine Hotel (Seasonal Shop)
    • Hamamatsu May-One
  • ■ Shiga
    • Pieri Moriyama
  • ■ Osaka
    • Osaka Panjo
  • ■ Kyoto
    • Kyoto shinkyougoku
  • ■ Hiroshima
    • Onomichi onemore
    • Hiroshima Hontoori
  • ■ Kagawa
    • Reoma Water Land Resort(Seasonal Shop)
  • ■ Fukuoka
    • Colet Kokura
  • ■ Kumamoto
    • Amakusa
    • Kumamoto Okusu
  • ■ Kagoshima
    • Kagoshima Takapla
  • <Events>
    • Jindai Botanical Garden, Iruma Airshow
    • etc.. 30 locations
    • Directly Managed/Franchise Shops: 62
    • Seasonal Shops: 18
    • Total Shops: 80